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Christopher Rallis Email

Branch of Service or Civilian: USMC

Unit Served in Viet Nam, If Any: 1/26 Bravo Company

Just found this website and wanted to post a general message. I rotated out of KheSanh in August 1968 and was with the 60 mm mortar unit assigned to Bravo Company 1/26.

Ted Showalter Email

Branch of Service or Civilian: Army

Unit Served in Viet Nam, If Any: Det A-728, 7th Special Forces

I am a member of KSV, but have not been able to enter the message board.  Any help?

Mark Amann Email

Branch of Service or Civilian: Air Force

Unit Served in Viet Nam, If Any: Tactical Air Command

We are looking for a copy of the following story regarding

William Allen Hayes

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
27 April 1949 - 06 June 1968
Chicago, IL
Panel 59W Line 004
Jim Kaylor's account of the 06 June 1968 battle near Con Thien was published in the Khe Sanh Veterans Association Inc. newsletter, Issue 50, Summer 2001, after this memorial was first published.
We would appreciate any form of the story as my wife is Williams sister and wants to know the real story.

Chris Seremet Email

Branch of Service or Civilian: Civilian

Unit Served in Viet Nam, If Any: N/A

I am looking for any information on PFC Paul Richard Gula D/1/9. KIA on 3/30/1968 in the Battle of Khe Sanh. I never knew Paul but my father and Paul were good friends growing up till there enlistment into the military and Paul's death in Vietnam. My middle name was named after Paul in honor of him, so I was really hoping to gather some information from those that might have known him or served with him. Thank you. Chris Seremet

Lisa Norfleet Email

Branch of Service or Civilian: Civillian

Unit Served in Viet Nam, If Any: n/a


Hello, I am wondering if anyone who was in my uncle's company might be willing to connect and share some memories of him with the family. He was Karel "Lurch" Beijen and served C co 1/9 in Vietnam.

I have many fond memories of him from my childhood, but he would never talk about his service. He was such a young man when he went over (I believe he lied to the recruiter and told him he was old enough to enlist, but was not actually) and I never got to know him as he was before the war. He is gone now and I'd really appreciate anything his fellow Marines might be willing to share.

Thank you,


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